Dr. Watanabe’s paper has been published in Stem Cell Reports.

mRNA-based generation of marmoset PGCLCs capable of differentiation into gonocyte-like cells

Musashi Kubiura-Ichimaru, Christopher Penfold, Kazuaki Kojima, Constance Dollet, Haruka Yabukami, Katsunori Semi, Yasuhiro Takashima, Thorsten Boroviak, Hideya Kawaji, Knut Woltjen, Aki Minoda, Erika Sasaki, Toshiaki Watanabe

Stem Cell Reports. 2023 Aug 24;S2213-6711(23)00305-3

Primate germ cell development remains largely unexplored due to limitations in sample collection and the long duration of development. In mice, primordial germ cell-like cells (PGCLCs) derived from pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) can develop into functional gametes by in vitro culture or in vivo transplantation. Such PGCLC-mediated induction of mature gametes in primates is highly useful for understanding human germ cell development. Since marmosets generate functional sperm earlier than other species, recapitulating the whole male germ cell development process is technically more feasible. Here, we induced the differentiation of iPSCs into gonocyte-like cells via PGCLCs in marmosets. First, we developed an mRNA transfection-based method to efficiently generate PGCLC. Subsequently, to promote PGCLC differentiation, xenoreconstituted testes (xrtestes) were generated in the mouse kidney capsule. PGCLCs show progressive DNA demethylation and stepwise expression of developmental marker genes. This study provides an efficient platform for the study of marmoset germ cell development.

doi: 10.1016/j.stemcr.2023.08.006

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